Reality Capture Being Used on Notre Dame Rebuild

Those of us in the reality capture space have been capturing everything we found interesting from the moment we got our first scanners. I have scans of every place I’ve ever lived, several landmarks in my area and, of course, lots of historic structures. Thankfully, I’m far from alone in my desire to “scan it all!”

In this report from CBS news we get a chance to look at some of the work done by Prof. Andrew Tallon and video game developer Ubisoft, both of which have spent thousands of hours capturing and modeling the iconic cathedral.

RSA Assisting Donelson Plaza Revitalization

As an example of 1960’s commercial design, Donelson Plaza has long held a special place in the lives of many Nashvillians. Ragan-Smith (RSA) is excited to assist in the revitalization of this site for Centric Architecture and Holladay Properties. RSA provided Scan to BIM services of the existing structure so that many of the mid century design elements could be retained as the site was re-imagined as a town center for Donelson. The addition of mixed use buildings and a public library will continue the redevelopment that this part of Donelson has been experiencing over the last few years. For more on the plans and to keep up with the project’s progress, check out their Donelson Plaza website.


BLK360 Laser Scanner

Ragan-Smith Acquires New Leica BLK360

Our Reality Capture Group has once again expanded their capabilities through the acquisition of a new 3D imaging system. The Leica BLK360 system is a short range 3D laser scanning system that bridges the gap between our indoor only devices like the Matterport Pro2 and our long range scanners like the Leica C10.

The BLK360 also offers new capture capabilities via an integrated FLIR Thermal Camera that allows us to map heat deviation in 3D. Additionally, the BLK360 greatly expands both the accuracy  and the size of environments that are available in the Matterport ecosystem.

“I was contacted by Leica with a request to perform a hands-on review of the BLK360 for the SPAR Newsletter. After having it for a few weeks, I wrote my review and returned the unit to Leica. Over the following weeks as I was responding to RFPs I suddenly found myself in the position of thinking about how much more efficient I could be in the field if I still had that BLK360. Combined with the ability to capture large open areas for Matterport 3D Spaces, the BLK360 helps us expand our capabilities without having to increase the cost to our clients.”

– Sam Billingsley, Director – Reality Capture Group



Passageways 2.0 Pro2 Mesh

RSA Helps Passageways 2.0 Competition

Ragan-Smith recently competed field data capture of an alleyway near our office in Chattanooga, TN to assist with Passageways 2.0. Passageways 2.0 is a design competition to “enhance a new downtown alleyway in the heart of Downtown Chattanooga’s City Center”.

The competition is presented by River City Company, Cogent Studios, and Public Art Chattanooga as an opportunity to recreate an existing alleyway into a destination for pedestrians in downtown Chattanooga. Through an open RFP process, they sought “unique, innovative design concepts with a cohesive artistic vision from multi-disciplinary design teams”. Forty-five proposals were submitted representing 11 countries including the United States, Italy, France, Canada, Malaysia, India and China.

Three semi-finalists have been selected to further develop site specific designs to permanently activate the proposed alleyway and create a vibrant pedestrian corridor that is habitable and can be adapted for use as a small public event space. Ragan-Smith assisted by capturing the existing conditions with our Matterport Pro2 for site visualization and with our Leica C10 laser scanner to capture more accurate dimensions on the entire site. This data was then used to create a Building Information Model (BIM) of the site in Revit that was sent to the three semi-finalists to aid in the development of their construction plans.

A winning team and concept will be announced in Spring 2018 and installed Fall of 2018. Passageways 2.0 is made possible by generous grants from the Benwood and Lyndhurst Foundations. Keep up with the project and see the submissions on the Passageways 2.0 Website. You can visit the 3D Space yourself or view it through the video below.

Ragan-Smith Acquires New Matterport Pro2 System

Our Reality Capture Group recently expanded their capabilities through the acquisition of a new 3D imaging system. The Matterport Pro2 system is a short range 3D camera system that can aid in creating virtual environments and Google Street-view like websites. This acquisition has also allowed us to beging working with Leica Geosystems and Matterport to integrate the Pro2 with Leica’s BLK360 laser scanner. This Beta program is designed to connect both sensors through a single control system for data capture. By combining the best of each system, Ragan-Smith will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in capturing and modeling as-built environments at various levels of accuracy.

“We are really excited about this expansion of our capture capabilities. Since the inception of the Reality Capture Group here at Ragan-Smith, we have endeavored to continually add new sensors and mapping systems to the list of tools that we are able to leverage for the benefit of our clients. The Pro2 fits perfectly into this mission by enabling fast data capture and visual communication without requiring engineering grade services. We have also expanded our web services to host many of the 3D Spaces that we are now creating for our clients.”

– Sam Billingsley, Director – Reality Capture Group

Visit our 3D Space Page for sample data.

BIMForum Fall Symposium Introduces New LOD Standards for BIM

The BIMForum announced the release of the latest Level of Detail (LOD) standards for Building Information Models (BIM) at the Fall Symposium which was held in Dallas, TX November 6-8. This year’s symposium was a group effort by the BIMForum, USIBD, And the Associated General Contractors of America. Additionally, new BIM implementation guides and Level of Accuracy (LOA) standards are also being prepared for release. Check out the linked article of 5 Takeaways from by RSA’s Sam Billingsley.

State of the industry: 5 takeaways from USIBD and BIMForum

Communication is the Key to Successful BIM

“3D Scanning has become commonplace on many projects, and can save hours of field verification.  It can also add layers of complexity, confusion, and frustration if not executed properly on a project.”         – Cool, a Point Cloud… Now What?

This article by Jordan Banning and Adam Muñoz for the Autodesk User Group International is an excellent primer on all of the issues that need to be understood or addressed in order to successfully implement a full scan to BIM project.

Read the Full Article


Field Verified Floor Plans

How are you launching your urban infill projects? If you are not using field verified data to build your existing conditions models you are baking error into your project.

RSA has multiple options to produce everything from 2D floor plans to full Revit Building Information Models – and all from field verified data sets. Check out this short video for examples that may prove right for your next project!