Creating Creativity

One of the best things about working with reality capture technologies is the freedom it provides to exercise creative thinking. In fact, it’s a necessity given that the associated technologies are all so new (or at the very least new in their applications). As Sam Billingsley (Director of RSA’s Reality Capture Group) explores in his most recent article for, ReCap may not only draw creative types but help create them based upon how we share information.

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Ragan-Smith Adds ReadySet Service For Construction Verification


ReadySet is a simple construction verification service that uses laser scanners to verify that form boards and stub-ups are set per design. By capturing the site prior to concrete being poured, RSA is able to locate errors when it is most cost effective to have them corrected. With clear, concise, and easy to understand reports delivered in 24-36 hours; ReadySet is helping general contractors insure quality work without slowing down their construction schedule. Check out the video below for a more detailed explanation along with a look at ReadySet’s reporting features.


Construction Verification for Architectural Cladding

RSA’s ReCap Group was in Atlanta this week collecting data to assist metal fabrication installers. Architectural cladding with metal continues to be a popular choice for commercial architects due to the wide variety of finishes and applications. However, this variety also means that the panels are typically custom made to fit. Variances between the design drawings and the as-built conditions can result in deviations that are beyond an installer’s capabilities to repair on-site. This means stopping the install while new measurements are taken, a replacement panel is cut, and then shipped back to the site from the factory.

In order to avoid these delays our client has RSA capture the as-built conditions so that they can compare them to the design drawings before any panels are cut. Changes in panel and support pieces are made to account for the existing substructure conditions, everything is cut, stacked on the truck in reverse order of installation and shipped for assembly onsite. Schedules are maintained, product is not wasted, and everyone is happy.  Not bad for a morning’s work in Atlanta!