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Ragan-Smith provides a wide variety of Reality Capture Services for clients in numerous markets.

Primary Services

Scan to BIM

As design moves to 3D the need for accurate 3D models of existing structures has never been greater. Ragan-Smith’s Reality Capture Group uses a myriad of technologies to capture the existing conditions inside and out before converting that data into an accurate Building Information Model (BIM).

Pre-Blast Surveys

With most urban projects beginning with drilling and/or blasting the risk of collateral damage to adjoining structures is always present. In order to better manage this risk Ragan-Smith provides pre-blast surveys in order to document the conditions prior to any work commencing. Should any claim be brought forward during or after construction, Ragan-Smith can re-capture the area in question and compare the results to the pre-blast survey to either verify or contradict the damage claims. Pre-blast surveys can provide an inexpensive insurance policy against false or mistaken claims in densely built environments.

Civil Survey

At it’s heart, Ragan-Smith is a civil engineering firm. As such, our Reality Capture Group excels at applying ReCap Technologies to engineering projects. With experience using a wide range of sensors, collection, and processing platforms we can always bring the right technology to bear on each project.

Digital Twins

Creating a digital twin of each project provides an increase in the ability to accurately communicate with stakeholders while reducing the cost associated with traveling. With options that range from simple Pano Tours to fully immersive Virtual Reality experiences, Ragan-Smith can customize your digital twin to meet your project’s needs.


ReadySet is the go-to pre-slab verification for construction companies who need to pour with 100% confidence. Ragan-Smith uses laser scanners to capture all of the plumbing and electrical stub ups prior to the concrete pour. This data is compared to the design locations and Ragan-Smith issues a report the next day detailing potential problem areas. (link to sample report)

Other Services