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One of the most powerful aspects of Reality Capture is the ability it gives users to access that bit of captured reality from anywhere, at anytime.

Digital Twins

Digital Twins offer users the ability to visit a site virtually. There are many ways to do this and as a result, there are various levels of detail and accuracy that can be provided. Whether you want a Street-View style viewer for monitoring a construction site, a 3D Space of a building’s interior, or a full VR experience of a proposed project, Ragan-Smith has the ability to build the Digital Twin best suited to your needs.

Pano Tours

Pano Tours are the essentially a customized Google Street View of your site. These are especially popular for construction or site monitoring as they are cost effective enough to allow for weekly updates on most sites. In fact, many of our clients will have us build Pano Tours for projects at every stage simply for the clarity it brings to any discussion through the use of up-to-date visual communication.

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3D Spaces

If  a picture is worth a thousand words; then a 1:1 scale digital model is worth a lot of airline miles. The ability to have team members in multiple locations virtually visit sites without having to travel allows for an increased level of communication between those team members while reducing costs. Additionally, these spaces can be used as the basis of design environments, visual inventories, quality control, and more.

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