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Pre-Blast Surveys are Essential for Protecting Your Project or Your Asset.

Pre-Blast Surveys

Whether you are performing the drilling and blasting or are the owner of the adjacent property, the question when addressing any structural damage is, “When did the damage occur?”

Pre-Blast surveys through Ragan-Smith’s Reality Capture Group provide a snapshot of the environment at a known moment in time. Through the combined use of various connected sensors such as laser scanners, 3D imagers, Total Stations, and Unmanned Aerial Systems we are able to provide fast, economical, survey grade data for our clients.

In order to minimize cost, we provide pre-blast surveys as  “Scan & Can”.  Essentially, we collect the data and store it for an agreed upon time as an insurance against possible claims. We do not process the data or perform any other service that would add to the expense of the survey. Should damage be suspected after blasting or drilling has occurred, we then process the data, re-capture the area of concern, and perform deviation analysis to determine if, in fact, movement has occurred. This allows our clients to only pay for the services they need, when they need them.

For an idea of the type of data collected, the video below is of “raw” point cloud data collected prior to a blasting campaign.

Sample Dats from a Pre-Blast Survey

The ease of determining what you are reviewing is truly astonishing when it comes to the data from the Reality Capture Group. For a more detailed look at data from Pre-Blast Surveys check out this video on our YouTube Channel.