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ReadySet is the go-to Pre-Slab Verification for General Contractors and Plumbers alike.


Between the use of multiple subcontractors and high pressure concrete pump trucks, ensuring that all of that steel and MEP is spot on before the concrete is poured can prove quite the challenge. ReadySet is designed to meet this challenge by capturing survey grade scans of the site prior to the pour. These scans are then compared to the design model/drawings to look for deviations. We then return a report outlining all deviations to the client within 48 hours. This allows any errors to be corrected prior to the concrete being poured; saving time, materials, of course, money. Additionally, this data can be retained and used once the building has been completed as the basis of an as-built Building Information Model. This allows those maintaining the structure to know where valuable MEP assets are located inside of the poured concrete areas.

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